Why can't I access my account / online profile?

If you are having a problem logging into your account / online profile or seeing an error message, there may be a number of reasons.

  1. Are you connected to the internet? Sometimes even the most basic things go unnoticed. Please make sure you are connected to the internet before trying to login.
  2. Have you created an account / profile on our auction platform?
    1. YES: Are you using the correct email address and password combination to login? If you have forgotten your password you may request a password reset here - https://auction.nucoauctioneers.com/forgot-password. A password reset will only work if an account / profile with a valid email address exists. You can also contact us directly to request a password reset.
    2. NO: Please create an account / profile here - https://auction.nucoauctioneers.com/register. Please ensure you use a valid email address.
  3. Are you using your computer or mobile phone to login? We recommend using your mobile phone and our dedicated bidding app to login and bid with as this is less error prone. You can download our dedicated bidding app here - Android, iOS (Apple). If you prefer to stay on your computer we recommend using the Google Chrome or Safari (Mac) browsers as these are more compatible with newer technologies used in web development.

If you have a specific use case error or issue then you may contact us directly for assistance. Please bear with us when contacting us during an auction. We receive an influx of registrations during an auction and are busy with clients throughout the day. We will help you as soon as a support team member is available.