What Else Can You Find at Our Heavy Equipment and Truck Auctions?

Our heavy equipment and truck auctions, or any of our auctions for that matter, are not limited to their title; you can bid on so much more than just trucks and large construction machinery.

NUco Auctioneers

If you’re looking for a one-stop auction house that offers everything that you may need to equip your construction yard or begin a new project, you’ve found the right auctioneers with NUco.

Why Do Truck Auctions Include More Than Just Heavy Vehicles and Machinery?

We often auction off all the assets of projects that are no longer needed due to the completion or closure of a project. As a result, not only are you able to bid on assets that are in great condition, you are also given the opportunity to bid on all the items that one would find for a specific project or company. Our company closure auctions, for example, include all reusable, quality items that were owned by that specific company; a variety of equipment can therefore be purchased at a single auction.

What Other Assets Are Available at NUco’s Truck Auctions?

The other assets that our registered buyers have access to bidding on includes a variety of equipment and implements that provide an interesting mix of functionalities. Assets that have been in our previous auctions, or that may be up for bid at our upcoming auctions include, but are not limited to:

  • Generator Sets
  • Compressors
  • Containers and Park homes
  • Tamping Rammers
  • Tires

Find out how you can become one of our registered buyers here.

How to Find Out Which Assets Are Available at NUco’s Upcoming Auctions

Step 1: Navigate to our “Upcoming Auctions” page here.

Step 2: Select one of our upcoming events and be lead to a new page which contains important details about that specific auction.

Step 3: Watch our short stock preview videos which give you an exclusive insight into which assets are waiting for you at our auction yard.

Step 4: Scroll down to our catalogue of auction items that will be available for purchase.

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