What Auction Enthusiasts Look Out for Before Attending a Truck Auction

People who are familiar with the auction world and regularly buy their assets on auction know what to look out for before attending a truck auction in South Africa.

NUco Auctioneers

This criteria that they have developed from attending auction after auction is modelled from personal experiences, both positive and negative. We have taken what auction enthusiasts often look for before attending a truck auction and have put ourselves to the test. Does NUco Auctioneers tick all the boxes and fit the criteria set by auction enthusiasts?

Is the Auction House SAIA Registered?

The first question that many auction aficionados ask is whether the auction house that is hosting the particular truck action in South Africa is a registered member of the South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA). SAIA provides a code of conduct for members which pretty much guarantees that attendees will get a fair and regulated experience that minimizes any purchase risks. This regulation authority ensures compliance to the Consumer Protection Act, practice of standard ethics, among others. NUco ticks this box, as we are a SAIA registered auctioneer.

Does the Auctioneer Have a Successful Track Record?

Before registering for a truck auction in South Africa, potential attendees will first want to do some research on the auctioneer hosting the auction. An important characteristic which is often looked for is whether the auction house has a successful track record. This can be seen by the number of years the auctioneer has been practicing, as well as from customer reviews. Auction enthusiasts who are looking to score big at a truck auction in Gauteng can trust that NUco has a successful track record, with over a decade of industry experience and raving reviews from a number of satisfied clients.

Does the Auctioneer Offer Quality?

For auction attendees that are looking to purchase assets at a truck auction, they will want to know what level of quality is up for auction. The auction house should preferably have a catalogue which lists a range of assets from top industry brands that still have a lot to offer. Another way to ensure that the auctioneer in question offers quality products is to view the assets up for auction; that is if the auction house makes adequate provision for this. Luckily, NUco only offers quality used assets from South Africa’s best loved brands at their truck auctions in Gauteng. The assets up for auction can be viewed on our website and can be viewed in person at our viewing days which are hosted before each and every auction.

If you’re looking for a truck auction in Gauteng that ticks all the above boxes and more, look no further than NUco Auctioneers; the pioneers of the auction world.