The Types of Heavy Equipment Available at Construction & Earthmoving Auctions

Within the construction and earthmoving industry, specialized equipment becomes a necessity when machine specific work needs to be conducted.

NUco Auctioneers

Nuco Auctioneers provides convenience via our website for buyers who are interested in a specific asset, after selecting the upcoming auction filter categories are displayed where buyers can select if they want earthmoving equipment, lifting equipment, trucks, mechanical horses and a whole lot of other auction items.

Earthmoving Equipment

Construction auctions include earthmoving equipment which is used for exactly that – moving earth. Earthmoving equipment consists of two groups: light and heavy. The difference between the two being their size as well as their performance capability. Heavy earthmoving equipment is mainly designed for larger projects and loads, whereas the light units are used for smaller-scale landscaping projects. From digging to mining, moving and dumping; common examples of these units which you can find at your next earthmoving equipment auction includes:

  • Excavators
  • Graders
  • TLBS
  • Front End Loaders

Construction Vehicles

With a primary function of transporting construction materials and moving loads for construction projects, these mobile vehicles can also carry liquids and gasses. Typical construction vehicles that can be found at a construction auction include;

  • Tippers
  • Dumpers
  • Trailers
  • Tankers

Tippers and dumpers are generally used for short distances on site, whereas trailers and tankers are designed for long distance travel.

Material-Handling Equipment

Material-handling equipment is mainly used on site for loading and transport. This equipment is commonly found on construction sites or in warehouses and ranges in size and use. Examples of equipment in this category include: cranes, conveyers and forklifts.

Light Equipment

Other construction equipment which is often available at construction auctions can include anything, from generators and compressors, to other electronic tools. These smaller pieces of equipment and machinery complete the requirements of what is needed at a construction project site and can be found at complete company closure auctions. 

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