The Benefits of Buying at a Construction Auction

If you’re looking to start, increase, or even upgrade your construction equipment collection, you’ll want spend some time at an official construction equipment auction.

NUco Auctioneers

Here’s why:

  • Compliant construction equipment: The South African Institute of Auctioneers (SAIA) is the authority that oversees that industry standards are being upheld by all auctioneering professionals. SAIA ensures that both the customer and the buyer are protected, and that the auction is conducted ethically.
  • Affordable construction equipment: Bidding on a piece of equipment is at your own discretion and according to your budget. Because of this, products can be bought at remarkably lower prices when compared to regular market prices.
  • Construction equipment for multiple industriesWhether you’re looking for mining construction equipment or heavy machinery for transportation and logistics, you’ll find all of the required construction equipment on auction.
  • Find construction equipment easily: Auctions do all the work for you! They help you find the best products and brands and give you a convenient platform to purchase what you need.
  • Variety of different construction equipment: From earthmoving equipment, construction vehicles and light construction equipment, you’ll find what you need at an auction.
  • Monthly auctions: If you haven’t found what you’re looking for at one auction, don’t worry! There will be many more offering different equipment, so you’re bound to find what you need in no time.

Finding construction equipment for auction is made simple with NUco Auctioneers. They provide the when, where, how, who and (now) the why! With so many benefits, it makes sense to register to become a buyer and save on all of your construction equipment needs. For any queries, advice or guidance, our specialist team of professional auctioneers and valuators will help find the perfect deal to ensure you get peace of mind when buying or selling at one of our prestigious auctions. Contact us for more!