The Benefits of a Complete Company Closure Auction

Nuco Auctioneers is known to have yard auctions every three weeks at our yard in Centurion Irene but what some may not know is that we occasionally have external complete company closure auctions as well.

NUco Auctioneers

There are a few reasons why auction fanatics and rookies alike will not want to miss out on Nuco Auctioneers next company closure auction. There are many benefits and advantages of a company closure auction that go above and beyond that of select auctions.

At Nuco Auctioneers, auctions generally consist of mechanical horses, trucks rigids, volume, fridge and cranes), tippers, trailers, earthmoving equipment, farming implements, vehicles and miscellaneous items. We provide quite a selection for clients at each auction, but with company closure auctions – more is offered to the client. These benefits often allow bidders to get even more than what they expected.

Spoiled for Choice

At a company closure auction, there are always a variety of assets available from numerous high quality and well known brands. These assets, from heavy machinery, earthmoving equipment to commercial vehicles, offer a number of industries multiple bargains to acquire quality, second-hand assets, all at one auction. Aside from the large assets which we are well known for having available at our auctions, our closure auctions also include a variety of small goods such as tires, generators and containers; and sometimes even larger assets such as property.

Buy for Use and Parts

Due to the huge variety that one can find at a complete company closure auction, bidders can get bargain prices on assets; either for long-term use or for parts. Assets that have wear and tear may still have newer parts that can be harvested for your existing assets. This will save you a lot of money for when you need parts in future. For the newer assets available at a closure auction, you can bid on machinery and vehicles that still have years of service to give!

Most Closure Auctions Are No-Reserve

Probably the biggest selling point of a company closure auction is the fact that most of them are “no-reserve”. A closure auction means that the company or project is coming to an end, the owners therefore have no need for the assets anymore, and they want all assets to be sold. No-reserve means that the items for sale will be sold regardless of the price, giving bidders the opportunity for huge bargains.