Solving Equipment Wear Through Construction Auctions

Construction equipment auctions in Gauteng are a great way to deal with equipment wear, providing the materials required to solve the problem of failing equipment.

NUco Auctioneers

The fact of the matter is that construction and earthmoving equipment is used for hard work, and if you use it daily the risk of wear and tear is compounded. While that fact won’t change, no matter how good your maintenance efforts are, earthmoving equipment auctions provide you with three handy options.

1. Avoid unnecessary wear through training

The construction industry in South Africa is faced with high employee turnover rates and a large presence of unskilled labor. While there are strict regulations around the use of construction and heavy equipment, many contractors find themselves in a position where they are forced to allow untrained staff to operate their equipment, which often leads to extra wear and damages.

Buying more affordable or even second-hand equipment at a construction auction allows you to acquire lower-cost equipment which can be used specifically for training. In this way you have a practical means of training new operators and getting them competent and certified, without the price tag attached to buying new equipment or needing to take on more experienced employees who require larger salaries.

2. A convenient source of spare parts

One of the greatest challenges in equipment repairs is the sourcing of suitable parts. Depending on the make and model of heavy equipment, it could be extremely difficult to manage this. But with the variety available at earthmoving equipment auctions you are bound to find equipment both new and old that matches up with what you have, and at reduced prices. Then you have the option to either use this equipment as normal, or to scrap it for parts (especially if you have a better model that just needs a certain part).

3. Affordable replacement and expansion options

As mentioned above, an earthmoving equipment auction can also be a great way to find more affordable replacements for your equipment. After all, sometimes there is just no way to repair certain damages no matter what parts you find. More than that, though, if your business is growing then you’ll find you could benefit from growing your fleet. With construction auctions at NUco Auctioneers offering a range of quality items at every auction, you are bound to find just the right thing to suit your needs.