Post-Auction: Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Purchased Assets

You’ve just become a proud owner of one or more assets after a successful auction at NUco Auctioneers in Gauteng, how should you maintain and care for your prized possession to guarantee many years of satisfaction and performance?

NUco Auctioneers

We have put together a basic guideline to help you care for your purchase, post-auction.

Oversee Operation and Ensure Skilled Handling

Whether you have just acquired heavy machinery for construction or mining, or one of the many commercial vehicles available on auction, the perfect start towards ensuring performance longevity is to ensure that operators know what they are doing. Through unskilled handling, your assets are at risk of getting damaged and falling victim to premature wear. Training the people who will be operating your equipment is therefore a crucial foundation to lay in maintaining your assets.

Clean and Lubricate Regularly

Heavy machinery that is in regular use requires frequent cleaning and lubrication of the moving components in order to ensure smooth running and eliminate the build-up of contaminants. The build-up of dirt in your machinery can lead to avoidable wear and tear and eventually lead to breakdown. Be sure to monitor and lubricate components such as hydraulic lifts and bearings, and keep seals and parts clean in order to maximise the longevity of your machinery.

Schedule Maintenance and Inspection

With scheduled inspection and maintenance, the lifespan of your equipment and heavy vehicles will increase. Ensure that components are replaced in scheduled time and that replacement is only done by experienced technicians. It is also important to visually inspect components on an ongoing basis in order to monitor any wear and to prevent equipment failure. A good practice tip is to keep a maintenance log in order to ensure that regular checks and services are being completed on time.

Store Your Assets Safely

The correct storage of your heavy vehicles and machinery is the solution to protecting and safeguarding your equipment from the elements while not in use. Correct storage practices will ensure that there is minimum risk of damage from the outside elements such as rust and hail damage. Large machinery should be stored under cover where possible and should not stand in damp environments for a prolonged period of time.