Commercial Vehicle Auction Treasures: Fleet and Repossessed Vehicles

You’ve heard all about how you can find great bargains at commercial vehicle auctions. But did you know that beyond the sheer savings and variety, there are more benefits to be enjoyed when buying fleet and repossessed vehicles on auction?

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Fleet Vehicles – Quality Vehicles Used According To Policy

There are a number of governmental departments, organizations and corporate companies that keep entire fleets of vehicles. These fleet vehicles are often used according to strict guidelines and are only used up until a certain age or mileage. After this, they are then sold or auctioned simply because their company’s fleet policy calls for it.

The first major benefit when buying these vehicles at commercial vehicle auctions or heavy equipment auctions is that their service history is likely to be up to date and fully documented. What’s more, these fleet vehicles are usually maintained strictly according to manufacturer guidelines, meaning you should be acquiring a well-cared-for asset (for a fraction of the original price).

To put your mind further at ease, by looking into where these vehicles come from you will have insight into exactly how they were used. For instance, a freight truck that was owned by a logistics company was likely only used to transport goods. The chances are slim that it would have been used for any more taxing work than courier services, so the chance for any nasty surprises or unexpected wear are very slim, which is great for you, the potential buyer.

Repossessed Vehicles – A Bargain on Recouped Costs

The economic climate being what it is today, repossessions are quite common. Repossessed vehicles thus end up at commercial vehicle auctions purely as a means of recouping the money still owed on the vehicle, not because of damage or old age. In some cases a business may not even have used the vehicle much or at all before going out of business and having it repossessed. So you are far more likely to find a quality product at a drastically reduced price at auctions, making these a true treasure.

What’s more, especially at mining equipment auctions, you could stand to find a quality piece of equipment that still has a full lifetime of use left in it. Given the high levels of wear experienced in this industry, repossessed vehicles are definitely an asset worth looking for at auctions.