Buying Mechanical Horses on Auction

There are multiple reasons why buying a mechanical horse at an onsite mechanical horse auction can be beneficial to potential buyers and sellers.

NUco Auctioneers

There are many great deals to explore, different options for different jobs, and unlike at dealerships, opportunities to rub shoulders with like-minded professionals in similar industries and professional auctioneers that can aid you in your decision making. Ensure that you follow auction calendars to stay up to date with any upcoming truck auctions in your area.

At a mechanical truck auction, one can bring a technician to help make an informed decision; and you get to start the engine, and understand the specs of the machine completely.

Some of The Benefits of Buying A Mechanical Horse at An Auction

Attending a truck auction will give you a broad sense of the options that are available to you to fill your specific needs and get the projects you intend to use the mechanical horse for done. At a mechanical horse auction, you’ll have access to professionals in the industry who might be able to answer questions and offer advice.

Consumer Protection at Mechanical Horse Auctions

The first step when attending any auction is to ensure that the auction house or auctioneers are compliant with the Consumer Protection Act. The Act states that the auction house is under obligation to:

  • Display or disclose any faults with the vehicle in writing – this can be as minor as a noisy engine.
  • Prohibit an auctioneer from knowingly misrepresenting the value, structure, character or quality of goods sold at auction.
  • Allow consumers ample time to inspect the goods on offer before the auction begins, for which they may not be charged.

Save Money at Mechanical Horse Auctions

The most significant benefit that draws potential buyers to truck auctions is the fact that they will save money. Truck auctions offer used mechanical horses for a much lower price. On average, a buyer can expect to save roughly 30% – a massive saving when you consider the budget-heavy equipment investment you’d make on a brand-new piece of equipment.

To benefit from mechanical horse auctions, as well as construction machinery and other auctions, contact NUco Auctioneers.